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Robert johnson essays the first Mississippi Delta bluesmen). Son’s playing largely resembled that of Lemon’s, "The high pitch delivery, the brilliant counter melodies between phrases." (Lomax, 13) And thus, Robert Johnson unknowingly inherited the powerful influence of a long line of famous Delta bluesmen. Son House recalls how, "We’d all play for the Saturday Night Balls and there’d be this little boy standing around. That was Robert Johnson. He was just a Book review: The Rub of Time: Bellow boy then. He blew a harmonica and he was pretty good with that but he wanted Nabokov play guitar." (Guralnick, 15) Son House recalls how Robert would sit in the corner and listen, sing, and dance along to the rhythm of the guitars. "And then we’d get a break and want to rest some. Robert would watch and see which way we’d gone, and he would pick one of them up. And such another racket you never heard!". (Guralnick, 15) Son would scold Robert for playing the guitar and causing such racket yet. In latter years, House laughs at the thought, admitting flat out that Johnson had become a far .

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