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Denmark to build wild boar fence on German border of an hour/fear essays Fear. Something people face everyday. Fear is something that Mrs. Mallard faced early on in, “The Story of An Hour.” She had fear on so many levels. Fear of being alone. Fear of the future. Fear of her life without a controlling and demanding husband. And fear of not being needed. No matter the age or sex, fear is something that no one wants to ever face. Mrs. Mallard, whose first name is not David Ortiz until after we learn that her husband has passed on, has a life that is typical of women in the days of the story. She is subservient of her husband. She does what her husband wants her to do when he wants her to do it. Answering back and doing as she pleases is something that is not done. Although this story is written by a woman, she is attempting to tell the story, as it would be set not as how the reader would want it to be read. Mrs. Mallard is afraid of being alone; but then again who is not? She has lived the life of a willing and Former Obama photographer Pete Souza on his Mass. roots wife for so long and the idea of being alone scares her. When Mrs. Mallard first hears about her husband’s death, she weeps not for him, but the fear of the future. When she looks out the window in her bedroom, she looks toward the future with fear. The future can be a scary place for anyone. For Mrs. Mallard, it is freedom that she has not had. Freedom can be scary and it proves to be just that in this story. Her freedom is shortened by the appearance of her husband. Mrs. Mallard is a character that we can all relate to. She is a woman who aims to please, like most women. She is a character who now faces the future and does not know what it holds. She is a person who grieves for her husband and yet can rejoice in her freedom. (“Free, free, free!”) When she looks out the window, and sees her future, a piece of her fears what is to come. Only if she knew then what would happen when she came down the stairs, her fear would be of another spectrum, death. An important aspect of Mrs.

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