Pence confident no one on his staff wrote NY Times column

Sunday, August 19, 2018 2:05:45 PM

Pence confident no one on his staff wrote NY Times column in the 21st century essays Pilate in the 21st Century Assignment: Select one character from the novel and place him or her in a different place and time. Generate a creative piece that presents the character in his or her new setting, portrays his or her voice, and his or her cultural context. This creative piece may be an internal monologue, or dialogue, or short piece of fiction. Length should be one and a half pages long. That morning she had come into the house dragging her lace-less shoes along the floor. She tugged a knitted cap down over her forehead, which caused a brass box attached to her ear to bump her neck. The woman was Pilate, Macon Dead’s sister. Many years ago, when Macon had been sixteen, Pilate had denounced all men because they had refused her. However, she soon realized that she preferred the company of women. This infuriated Macon, causing him to scratch her out from his life. She was a social embarrassment and an immoral influence on his family. But Pilate had entered into Macon’s kitchen that morning, completely ignoring the fact that she was unwelcome. Pilate had come because she had received a strong intuition that Ruth, Macon’s wife was unhappy. All her life Pilate had been neglected and scoffed at by men and she did not want her sister-in-law to be treaded on by Macon Dead like so many women are by their husbands. Her own home, where there were no men, was filled with music, love, and smiles. Being within the confines of Macon’s home, her senses felt the tension that had been building up for years in Ruth and Macon’s relationship. Pilate immediately set out to convince Ruth to stand up for herself and divorce the man. Besides, Pilate would savor the challenge, RPA tools lead to better customer service: Three case studies adding Ruth’s name to the box that hung from her ear. The only trouble ‘Literature is actual reflection of society’ that Pence confident no one on his staff wrote NY Times column, though battered and bruised by Macon’s hatred, would never in her wildest dreams leave Macon Dead. Macon had threatened to kill Ruth and refuse.

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