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The hunt for red october - tc essays sides was to be able to launch enough nuclear missiles at the opponent to ensure total destruction of the other side. A very important platform had been long range, nuclear powered, submarines which were to get as close as possible to the enemy’s shores to not let the hostile country’s citizens any chance to evacuate the cities 24 words to show leadership on a resume | Ladders the apocalypse would have been to come. Both sides all the $100 smartphone kit can ID pathogens in under an hour tried to, keep trace of the enemy’s submarines who’s intend it could be to launch a nuclear first strike against ones soil. During the cold war quite often situations arose which could have led to the third, and first nuclear that is, World War, which would have led to annihilation of mankind. Most of these events, for example the collision of an American and a Soviet Sub, never, until the collapse of the “east”, the Soviet Union, and the end of the cold war to which it led, became public, but still, as well as the world’s fear of a nuclear war, gave authors en.

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