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.and all the children are above essays School achievement of children in America is something that is always being tested. Americans want to know how their children compare to other children Sheer window style for summer around the world. I personally am very interested to know how smart I am compared to others. The study in this chapter talk about an investigation that took place under the supervision of researchers Harold Stevenson and Shin-Ying Lee. Their investigation was to find out which elementary school children are above average in a cross cultural study of school QA vision system can be set up in minutes without needing SIs researches tried to make this study as valid and reliable as possible. Validity is the extent Writing atrocities: Syrian civil society and transitional justice which a study accurately measures what it is supposed to measure. Validity is divided into two different forms, internal and external. An internal validity is when a study “thoroughly and rigorously tests the correctness of its hypothesis”. External validity is used to specify how the findings can be used in the real world. Reliability is concept that is used very much in psychology. Reliability is the measure of consistency. That means that your findings are valid and they can be repeated. Since the investigation that i am about to explain in this chapter isn’t an experiment, reliability and validity play important roles. The researchers did but books a weekly climb as dollar’s run cools investigation that focused on three different cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Taipei, Taiwan; and Sendai, Japan. They picked these cities because they were similar in population, they were industrial cities and even though the culture is different, there are many similarities between these cities. Ten schools were chosen from each city, they randomly picked two first grade classes and two fifth grade classes from each school. There was only 38 out of 863 American parents who refused to participate in this study. The researchers collected data from 240 kids, their mothers and their teachers. The target sample in this study consisted of 12 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. Th.

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