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Monday, August 20, 2018 1:47:01 AM

Captain morgan essays What intrigued me most about this ad was that it stuck out when I was looking through the magazine. The ad that I chose is for Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum. The ad appeared in After big Denver Post layoffs Magazine and in probably one of the best spots in the magazine. The Maxim Magazine I have is the special swimsuit issue and the ad was placed right in the middle of all the swimsuit photos. This is the best location I think you can put an ad because everyone always goes to this part of the magazine to look at these photos. So this ad is probably going to be seen the most. Maxim Magazine is primarily a magazine for men, although I do think some women look at the magazine also because there are a few ads directed toward women in it. I would say the age range for the magazine would be from young adult men to middle-aged men. The audience of the magazine is mostly well rounded men. I would think they all have some sort of educational background and have a fairly good income. I would say it pertains to both single and married men. The magazine is basically relevant to all men. It has everything a man could ask for: sports, beer, gadgets, clothes, fitness, and most importantly sex. I think this is the most important quality of the audience. They all want to know about, learn about, and look at women and sex. This is what brings the audience together. Sex Sells! That is why the magazine focuses on sex because that is what makes them sell their magazines. I think another characteristic of the audience would be the party type. I think a lot of the men that read the magazine are Padua Franciscan High School senior named Maltz Museums Stop the Hate contest finalist ones Movie review: ‘Happytime Murders’ is not for the squeamish (or most kids) like to go out and party. The Captain Morgan ad I chose appeals to this audience because mostly everybody drinks. Drinking is part of every party you go to. So when people see the ad they are going to see this guy partying with these two beautiful ladies and it is implied that they were drinking Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, then the people who see i.

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