Paper writing gone Hollywood

Monday, August 20, 2018 2:19:41 AM

Six feet Read Booker T. Washingtons famous and controversial Atlanta Exposition speech essays How do the opening titles of Six Feet Under prepare the Audience for the content and style of the show? Six feet under is a television show about a funeral home and the unusual family who live in it. It shows a side of life that people do not usually want to talk about, but makes it interesting and funny. In the opening titles of six feet under, Paper writing gone Hollywood of the themes are related to death; in this essay I am going to explain their significance. The themes are dark; these include death, drugs, repressed homosexuality, violence and adultery. The following are objects seen in the opening titles that help represent some of these themes. Coffins and graves that obviously represent death, the coffins appeared still, quiet and looked like they were waiting for something. There was a picture of a lady dressed in black, which I think the director added to show a mourner at a funeral. Next to it was another picture of a family, which could represent memories after death. A cylinder was full with How To Make Small Talk With Almost Anyone fluid, the fluid was being emptied, and I think the director added this to give the audience an idea of embalming fluid being injected into a body. It could also give the impression of life being sucked out of the body. There were also various images in the opening titles that help emphasize some of the themes of the television show. These images are as followed. The crow, which is considered a sign of bad luck and its colour black, represents death and what people wear at Researchers wrestle with co-authorship funeral. In movies directors have used black crows as a sign of evil and death being near by, the director of this programme may have added the crow to give the opening titles a theatrical and sinister perspective. There was an image of a person picking up a glass, during this image the audience become confused because the image becomes blurred, it is almost as if the director wants us to be confused just as someone would be confused at a funeral. As this .

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