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Sunday, August 19, 2018 4:57:46 PM

When the full moon shines essays In the article "When the Full Moon Shines its Magic Over Monument Valley," John V. Young uses rhetorical strategies such as varieties of tone, similes, imagery, ornate diction, and vivid details Praise for the Gatekeepers order to describe the sensations generated first by his surroundings School uniforms – a blessing or a curse? then by the moonrise. This descriptive article, narrated by John V. Young, begins with Young and his two other male companions sitting in a truck, awaiting what is described to be a spectacular moonrise on a Navajo tribal park. In the beginning, the article portrays These Companies Help Pay Off Their Employees Student Loan Debt calm and peaceful tone by choosing words such as "cool" and "pleasant". As the article goes on to describe Quincy to host TEDx event men's purpose, to see the full moon rise, Young uses similes and imagery in order to captivate the reader and describe the surroundings with a tone of admiration. The tone then shifts again to one of mystery as the three men seem to hallucinate a Navajo girl herding a flock of "ghostly" sheep to a The 5Pointz Developer Ordered to Pay Street Artists $6.8 Million for Whitewashing Their Work Is Now. Just then, the men hallucinated that a dog appeared at the edge of the campfire, when they offered the dog food it accepted with great dignity, moments later the dog vanished. The Navajo girl and the dog are symbolic of the poverty that the Navajos are suffering from. Young goes on to describe the sunset with such beautiful figurative language that it paints a picture for the reader it is also a time signal that the rising of the moon is fast approaching. Young and his companions prepared their photography equipment hastily, the anticipation is building rapidly. Finally the long anticipated moment has arrived, School uniforms – a blessing or a curse? moon is rising. By choosing words such as "unprepared", "massive", and "improbable", Young portrays an overwhelmed tone that is a result of his respect for the power of nature. He uses adjectives to qualify every word, for example "blazing light", and "inky shadows". After the moon had rose, "the show was over and the magic was gone" (page 447), the tone is once agai.

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