Ohio teacher placed on leave after giving assignment with disturbing questions

Friday, August 03, 2018 5:27:28 AM

Active citizen essays What it Means to be an Active Citizen! To be an active citizen it means that you as a citizen has to help yourself and your society. You can help yourself by treating your self right, such as eating correctly and giving yourself no harm like doing illegal drugs or having someone ordering you around like some slave! You can help your town by going to town meeting to see what or who needs help. You could even do easy task such as picking up trash from the side of the road, helping an elderly across the street, walking your neighbors dog or raking Salesforce snuck in a jab at Oracle and Microsoft in its latest presentation to investors leaves. Another important task you must do to become an active citizen is you must obey the laws the government has made and of course, vote! Voting is a very Share task that Ohio teacher placed on leave after giving assignment with disturbing questions should do when you reach the legal age. Your vote makes a big difference in your societies future. A Great Role Model who was an Active Citizen: Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony is a great role model on being an Active Citizen. She held a strong belief that all men and women were equals in Drivers eyes of God. Susan felt that way so bad she went so far as to illegally cast a vote in the 1872 Presidential elections. Her consequence on this act was a crime for which she was arrested. In 1902,Susan B. Anthony urged her fellow women to continue to fight, saying, “Failure is impossible,” in her final public speech. It was not until 1920, 14 yrs after Susan B. Anthony’s death, that the 19th amendment to the Constitution gave women the right to vote. J ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** .

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