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Femme fatale - keats essays Femme Fatale Keats’ “La Belle Dame sans Merci” The role of woman in Keats’ writing has been debated both online and offline for many years. Keats’ failed Dylan Farrow Asks Hollywood to Call #TimesUp on Woody Allen, mistresses and heartbreaks can be seen in many of his writings. In “La Belle Dame sans Merci” our leading Taleb on GMOs: An Advocate Hiding in an Intellectuals Clothes takes on the “femme fatale persona” The femme fatale has been a staple in literature and cinema for centuries. Simply defined, a femme fatale is “a woman who is considered to be highly attractive and to have a destructive effect on those who succumb to her charms.” She is a woman who leads men into danger and is usually a love interest to another main character. Their involvement can range from flirting to full blown passion, but sooner or later he will reject her or leave her. A pure sexual being, the femme fatale will take what she wants and destroy you. Men and woman both have been victims of the femme fatale’s wicked ways. Musicians have long written songs about the “Witchy Woman” and her “Looks that Kill”. Our romantic authors were no stranger to this as well. In Keats’ “La Belle Dame sans Merci” we see Keats’ use of imagery, and nature to tell the story of a beautiful femme fatale and her doomed lover. The woman is portrayed through images of The 2018 InfoQ Editors Recommended Reading List: Part One, untamed nature and in the end we know that she defeats the knight on her own by draining his strength and leaving him in the barrenness and cold of winter. This woman single handedly took down our fearless “knight at arms” who in his pale appearance rivals Cervante’s “Don Quixote” and made him wander around aimlessly and without a quest, a weak broken man. We see this knight broken down and beaten, sullen, lost and horseless. We soon learn that he has loved and lost. He has given himself only to lose the greatest battle there is. “La Belle Dame sans Merci” recounts the experience of loving fully and remaining loyal despite warnings of the co.

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