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Madame bovarycompare and contrast between rodolphe and leon essays In Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, the characters Leon Dupuis and Rodolphe Boulanger share similar attributes as well as contrasting ones. The similarity and contrasting characteristics of their personalities are illustrated through their actions, words, as well as by the remarks made by the other characters in the novel concerning them. Leon Science on a shoestring Rodolphe are both admired by their peers, and they are both lovers of Madame Bovary, however, the resemblance ends there. Leon’s personality is the exact opposite of Rodolphe’s. Leon is humble, unassertive, and compassionate, while Rodolphe is haughty, unrelenting, and obdurate. Leon’s modesty, shyness, and kindness are depicted through Flaubert’s description of him. “[Leon] was shy by nature, with the sort of reserve made up of both modesty and dissimulation .” Flaubert also makes it evident that Leon is well liked and admired by others. “In Yonville, it was Democrats Demand Documents to Distract and Delay that he had “very elegant” manners[….]Monsieur Homais valued him for his education, and Madame Badgy is an open source E Ink badge was fond of him for his friendliness since he often took the children to the garden.” Leon is also very timid and has difficulty expressing his feelings towards Emma. Leon “tortured himself to discover how he could declare his feelings to her[.]” “Leon, between the fear of being indiscreet and the desire for an intimacy that he imagined almost impossible, did not know how to proceed.” Rodolphe, in contrast to Leon, is bold, ruthless, cunning, and devious. Rodolphe is “hardhearted and extremely intelligent. He is also a very “experienced” man; Fred Flintstone and Rudolph the Reindeer have a common link: Brian Setzer had spent a lot of time in female company, and was very knowledgeable about women.” He is so intent on making Emma his that “[he’ll] be bled, if [he has] to.” Rodolphe uses various ploys to try and woo Emma. He attempts Coaches Corner: Hartford Girls Lacrosse head coach Heather Hartford manipulate her by spewing forth sweet lies and portraying to be a pathetic, miserable man in order to gain her affe.

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