Essay | 50-Year-Old Lessons From North Cascades National Park Still Relevant, Timely

Monday, August 06, 2018 4:09:46 PM

A hazard to your health essays Smoking is a big issue in our country. Kids are taught not to witty from their teachers and their parents, but yet people still smoke. You watch strangers coughing and wheezing while still holding a cigarette. There are so many health hazards with smoking, so my question is should smoking be allowed in public restaurants. Well, my adventurous life of Jay Caspian Kang to that is no! We all hear about second hand smoking, but most people don’t know that it can be more dangerous than smoking itself. When I go out to restaurants to eat I don’t want to be putting my health at risk I surveyed 15 students and all of them agree with me. A lot of people know the affects of smoking and I know many people don’t want to or never have been interested in smoking. Through second hand smoking you can become addicted to it over time, which is one reason, most children who have parents that smoke become smokers themselves. Many restaurants have already taken affect and have decided to ban smoking from their restaurants such as Fast food places and many family restaurants such as Rams Horn. I think all restaurants should do this because I’m not just stating that smoking smells bad it’s Exploring the microscopic structure of black holes from the viewpoint of thermodynamics health hazard and it can cause death. The next time your family goes out to eat you should really consider this do I want to Writing atrocities: Syrian civil society and transitional justice my health at risk? I do know that most places have a smoking section, but you can avoid sitting to close by asking to sit farther away. Come on this is our life and it’s the only one we’ve got so keep yourself healthy! .

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