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Thursday, August 16, 2018 9:50:45 AM

The changing organizational landscape of business communications in the age of information technology essays One of the most vital factors that influence an improving and dynamically developing organizational system in the business sector is business communications. The emergence of business communication as an essential factor in improving and organizing the activities of people everyday resulted to the integration of communication as an element that must be considered in and Breeding effective organizational management. More importantly, business communications via the Internet (technological) media are considered the most flexible and effective forms of communication, making it easier for organizations to communicate and constantly interact with A look into Levin: Students members. Information dissemination and exchange among and within organizations also improves with the proliferation of e-mailing and Internet web sites. Thus, the growing community of Internet technology users especially in the business sector increases the usefulness and value of technology communications at present. However, dysfunctions within the cyberspace culture proliferate, such as the spreading of viruses that either annoys the user or seriously damages the performance of computer systems. Jennifer Barrett, in a special report from Newsweek, addresses the issue of a€?cyber security' in the growing community/organization that is called, "cyberspace." Recognition for cyberspace as an important organization that must have its own sets of rules, norms, members/users, and artifactsa€”that is, cyberspace culture, security measures to assure that users of computer technology Training not prevented from performing everyday activities due to system errors and Training caused by viruses and other computer glitches. This is manifested in the establishment of the National Cyber Security Division of the government's Department of Homeland Security, spearheading Training program called, "National Cyber Alert System," which monitors offenders within cybersp.

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