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Thursday, August 16, 2018 7:32:42 AM

Spartan education essays by a ratio as a large as ten to one. However, the Spartans still wanted the Helots to remain under their control, so they were forced to create a system that would keep them in check. What ensued was a militaristic state that focused only on the education of warfare and the ability to survive hardships, thereby allowing them to dominate the Helots. The education was implemented by the State on the belief that it was every citizen's duty to provide for the continuity of its way of life. At the age of seven, the education of the young Spartan male was taken over directly by the State when he was placed in his "agoge", or living group, where he lived Nine Dragons reports half-year sales and profit increases with all the other boys of his age. To quote Plutarch on the education of the boys, “their study of letters was restricted to the bare minimum; for the rest, their education consisted exclusively in learning unquestioning obedience, superhuman endurance, and how to win at wrestling.“ The obedience Plutarch speaks of is further established in Xenophon’s “Constitution of Lacedemonians” when he writes, In order that the boys never lack a ruler even when the Warden was away, he gave authority to any Nine Dragons reports half-year sales and profit increases who chanced to be present to require them to do anything he thought right, and to punish them for any misconduct. This had the effect of making the boys more respectful; in fact boys and men respect their rulers above anything. The purpose of demanding such rigid obedience is obviously for military purposes considering the standard fighting unit of the time was the hoplite-phalynx. The hoplite-phalynx consisted of rows of men, each equipped with a large shield that covered half of his body and half of his neighbors, and when instructed, would charge the enemy and destroy everything in front of it. The success of the hoplite-phalynx depended on each man holding his position in the line, so his neighbor was protected, and the whole group could continue to function. .

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