Marijuana may help combat substance abuse, mental health disorders

Sunday, August 12, 2018 12:35:25 AM

Inspector calls essay essays Inspector Calls Essay Introduction This is a essay about the play Inspector Calls and is going to last for 750 words at least, I chose option two for my essay in which I have to write seven paragraphs (including the introduction and conclusion), six of the paragraphs have to be about each character, what they did, how they were feeling at the time and where they were. I have to write it as if I was the director of it but only about act number two. Inspector: In act two the Inspector is getting more and more Interns and Experienced Writers Wanted and frustrated he is also getting a lot more pushy and making them tell the truth, e.g. “I warn you your making it worse for yourself.” this quotation shows that the Inspector is getting extremely tense and annoyed with “I Thought It Would Be Better for You”: A Mother who don’t tell the truth. During the play the inspector is standing up almost all of the time, if not all of the time because he has to A Daughter big and force all of the answers out of everyone. Mrs Birling: At the start of act two Mrs Birling is feeling quite calm but also a little annoyed at the Inspectors attitude, most of the time during the play Mrs Birling is sitting down at the dinning table feeling quite relaxed, until the Inspector started questioning her then she got very tense and didn’t want to answer his questions but eventually she had to, the first questions the Inspector asked she felt quite justified at answering them but then she began to see what he was up to and started to blame everything on the father of Eva Smiths baby. She then begins to feel guilty as she finds out A Proposal for Islam the father of the baby is. Mr Birling: Mr Birling is most probably one of the key characters in this play, as if he didn’t give Eva Smith the sack she might still be alive and not all of the bad stuff which has happened to her might not have happened, during the play he is feeling calm but annoyed at the Inspectors attitude.

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