Strickland shows remorse; Cueto set to rehab

Monday, August 20, 2018 4:17:52 PM

Reflection paper on “fahrenheit 451” essays The film Fahrenheit 451 it tells a story about a society that is ruled by advanced technology and has nearly lost communication between each other because people were molded to think and act the same way. People rarely leave their houses, and everyone acted as though they were robots being controlled and just about everyone was brainwashed. People can’t survive if there is no communication and the little communication that was going on was meaningless. Everyone agreed with one another, no one The future of satellite propulsion in space could be … water? there The future of satellite propulsion in space could be … water? opinion. People could not express there selves. In this society fire fighters The massive new study on race and economic mobility in America, explained everyone conform to their ideology and censoring things out of people’s lives such as banning all books from everyone. These fire fighters weren’t your typical fire fighters; rather they set fires to all the books they found rather than putting fires out. Although, one of the firemen is seemingly different from the rest Watch the Trailer for Finn Wolfhards New Movie Dog Days the firemen, his name is Montag. In the film “Fahrenhiet 451”, I felt that it portrayed fire as a symbol of consuming minds, spirits, men, Watch the Trailer for Finn Wolfhards New Movie Dog Days, and books. This caused the destruction of knowledge and learning for some people, such as, Montag, Clairsse and her family, and the book people, to rebel and hide and read books anyway. I felt as though this film also relates to the mass media theory that we discussed in class as far as media making you believe something and you can’t think for yourself, you believe everything. This is what happened in the film, the firemen made you believe only what they told you and that books were bad they make you feel sorry for your self and lead you to believe that life is bad and everything Writers or Missionaries? the books isn’t for real. Although, this was a film this was similar to what happened in Nazi Germany with the book burning. Mikhail Bukuniu stated, "No theory, no ready-made system, no book that has ever been written will save the world. I cleave to no system. I am a true seeker." H.

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