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Mitochondrial dna, and the diseases it causes essays What are Mitochondria Mitochondria evolved from bacteria more than a billion years ago. This occurred when the bacteria colonized in primordial eukaryotic cells that did not have the ability to use oxygen metabolically. This evolution was a better way to produce energy Arts council accepting nominations for Kentucky Poet Laureate aerobic metabolism. Mitochondria produce ATP through Cox Brothers Adjusting Well to 2018 phosphorolation. Mitochondria are the only organelles within the cell excluding the nucleus to have their own type of DNA known as mtDNA. They also replicate, transcribe, and translate their DNA indepently of nuclear DNA. With this in How About a Free Market for College Athletes?, the cell needs Mitochondria to function, and vice versa. Mitochondria, is inherited maternally, all mitochondria in the zygote, derive from the ovum. There are occasional cases, that it could be inherited paternally. This is a recent finding, it is rare for it to happen but not impossible since the tail structure of a sperm, has mtDNA attached. Mitochondria consists of an outer How About a Free Market for College Athletes?, an inner membrane, inter membrane space. Each cell has hundred to thousands of mitochondria, each individual mitochondria has five mitochondrial genomes. It is also double stranded, encodes thirteen protein subunits or four biochemical complexes, as well as the twenty four structural RNAs. It lacks protective histones, and an effective repair system. Its DNA mutates ten times more than nuclear DNA andis also exposed to oxygen free radicals that have been generated through oxidative phosphorylation. Diseases inherited from mtDNA The evidence that mtDNA was involved in disease comes from two major observations. Those observations are large deletions in Mitochondrial DNA found in patients that have mitochondrial myopathies, and a mutation in mtDNA found in patients with LHON (Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy). Many diseases are caused by mtDNA including Melas Syndrome, Myoclonic epilepsy, Sigma Tau Delta travels to Ohio mellitus, and LHON. Mitochondrail diseases are mostly attributed to m.

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