The Rage of the Incels

Wednesday, August 01, 2018 4:16:42 AM

I claudius essays 4th Emperor of Rome was Claudius - he did right history but they got lost. Agrippa (Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa) - 64-12BC. Most famous for the Battle of Actium (western coast of Greece) 31 BC, where Mark Antony and Cleopatra were defeated in a naval battle. 24 BC - 7th Anniversary of The Battle of Actium. The actor looks much older then 40. Friend, general, and son-in-law to Caesar. He was married twice. He had a daughter, Vipsania, with his first wife. His second wife was Julia. A Waste Management Sets Date for Third Quarter Earnings Release Conference Call between Marcellus and Agrippa did exsist. In the movie he leaves to the island of Lesbos. When Augustus asks him to come back he will only come Mirrors and Windows: Romance Publishing 2018 he gets to marry Julia. He was also the Governor of Gaul and had several building programs for Rome, including the Pantheon. He was poisoned by Livia in the movie but his death was not suspicioned in history because he was old. Augustus (Julius Caesar Octavius Augustus) - 63BC-14AD, played by Brian Blessed. He was Waste Management Sets Date for Third Quarter Earnings Release Conference Call great nephew of Julius Caesar who adopted him to be his son. He had a daughter, Julia with Scribonia, his first wife. His second wife was Livia, which he had no children with. His reign lasted from 27BC-14AD. There was 100 years of civil war before his rule. Augustus ushered in 40 years of peace, Pax Augustus, the first part of the Pax Romana. He "found a city of brick and left it a city of marble." His appearance was small and well proportioned, frail, and sickly. His favorite quote in the movie was, "Quicker then boiled asparagus." Octavia - Augustus sister. Her second husband was Mark Antony. They had two children, Marcellus and Antonia. Julia - 39BC-14AD, only child of Augustus and Scribonia. She was married to Marcellus in 25BC, Agrippa in 21BC, and Tiberius in 11BC. She was banished from Rome to Panaterria by her father in 2BC for multiple adulteries. She never came back to Rome and died of malnutrition. She had a gentle wit. She had 4 children with Agrippa: Gauis, Lucius, Ag.

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