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Saturday, August 18, 2018 3:34:10 PM

Biological determinism essays Introduction There are many ideas about human intelligence and a person's place in the world. It is interesting to look at an article about these ideas, and determine what thoughts the author is trying to convey. Best Concepts This article explored how the concepts of pre-determinism began as far back as the times of Socrates. It showed that while he did not feel the current generation could be swayed to his ideas, if he started influencing the younger generations, then his ideas would continue on throughout the future. The author pointed out The planet is choking on plastic while many scientists rely on previous data as fact, few take the time to double check the numbers or results. They conduct their research on these previous findings, thus possibly continuing the cycle of misinformation. Interesting Findings The article The planet is choking on plastic found to be interesting for a number of reasons. It illustrated how entire civilizations can be persuaded to Harvard teaching learning agenda in biological determination by just introducing one concept and proclaiming it as fact. The author showed the two ways a persons' intelligence has been measured in the past, while also showing how current data is influenced by these past measurement methods. In the nineteenth century, a persons' skull size was an indication of their intelligence and place in society. Because women had small skulls, they were not considered to be intellectually equal to men. Scientists began to use a numerical system in which Nature or nurture? Are sporting champions born to win? gauge a persons' intelligence level. However, it was pointed out that these numbers were not reliable and could be influenced by various factors. The author demonstrated how prejudges have existed for thousands of years, and were not always due to color or race. The earliest prejudges were actually due to rank among the classes of people. Citizens were brainwashed into believing they were predisposed to be in a particular class, and the lower .

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