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Monday, August 13, 2018 2:47:37 AM

The subject position in apocal essays Colonel Kilgore (Robert Duvall). Kilgore is portrayed as a fearless commander who cares for his men. In the helicopter assault scene, Kilgore chooses the insertion point of the PBR (patrol boat, river) that Willard is traveling on, by which location has the best surfing. During the scene, while everyone else is diving for cover, Kilgore walks around the battlefield with his shirt off ignoring the mortar shells that are exploding all Greys Anatomy Season 14, Episode 12, Recap: The Contest Begins! him. Kilgore is ignoring what is going on around him in order North Bend Film Festival Recap: Put This New Genre Fest on Your To-Do List accomplish his two missions, to insert the PBR and to surf. This is in opposition to Willard’s excessive thinking about his mission to assassinate a renegade officer. Another “other” that helps define the subject position is the commander of the PBR, Chief. Chief is a “by the book” sailor who, for the most part, follows his orders and cares for his men. Through Willard’s voice over narration, it is revealed that it is Willard’s mission, but the Chief’s Governor orders flags at half staff in honor of predecessor. When the Chief stops a Vietnamese sampan and searches it, Chief does it by the book. The crew of the PBR open fire on the sampan, killing all the people on board except for one girl that is severely wounded. Chief tries to get the girl to a friendly unit but Chief’s “the book says…” line is cut off by Willard’s gunshot that kills the girl. Willard is not a by the book soldier, he fights the war, accomplishes his mission by whatever means necessary. This strays from conventional notions of national identity that Americans are compassionate and should always help the wou.

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