Penn freshmen discuss how selective their residential programs are — and whether it makes a differ

Monday, August 20, 2018 8:59:24 PM

Bright size life essays The piece of music that I chose to write my Write An Essay on is "Bright Size Life" collaboration by Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny and Bob Moses. This can be found on Pat Metheny’s debut album also titled “Bright Size Life” which was released in 1976 by EMC. This uplifting piece of music is an example of Jazz music at its finest. The three artists perfected the idea of improvisation while following a common theme and in doing so, created a timeless work of art. The role of each musician is just as important as the other. In this piece, Jaco Pastorius is on the bass, Pat Metheny is on the guitar and Bob Moses on the drums. It is hard for one to fathom that just three people can create such depth and variation using only three instruments, but that is precisely what the essence of jazz is. In this paper, I will try to show you how each Muridzo to sample ‘Munondo’ the three instruments create a different level of depth, harmony and color. Each artist brings something different of his own to the song, while allowing the others to do the same. “…Moses on the drums, he’s keeping that motion going for us, propelling us, prodding us with Handshake replaces PioneerLink for College career search process | accents on different parts of the drum set, but above all he’s always maintaining that pulse for OP-ED: Austin ISD should honor Reagan Highs true valedictorian Les Sabina stated in the Spring concert of 2001. I think this is actually the same Moses that plays the drums in “Bright Size Life”, but no first name is mentioned. However, this quote does apply to the song regardless. Through out the entire song, the drums keep a constant pace or pulse for the other musicians to play off of. There are sections of Muridzo to sample ‘Munondo’ song where he only uses the cymbals. He is doing this to add momentum or color to that specific area of the song. If you listen in the beginning, he starts off only using cymbals with a little foot pedal, to pick up the momentum. Then almost instantly, he creates a pulse and quick change of mood from a build up that gives one the feeling of searching for somethin.

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