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Wednesday, August 01, 2018 6:24:13 PM

Out of the dust essays Living With Dust During the Great Depression in the 1930’s, every person in the United States faced hardships, whether those hardships involved, poverty, hunger or loneliness. In the Great Plains, however, people were faced with a very different hardship, dust. During the 1930’s and lasting almost an entire decade, the Great Plains experienced Week 4 Picks: Tough picks for the writers this week serious drought. The country Global Sorghum Market Report Just Published by Credence Research Inc. in enough trouble as it was, and this made things much worse. Because of the dryness of the land, dust accumulated and was blown around on a regular basis destroying farmland, crops, homes and lives. (Vogeler, p.1) Because of this drought, the Depression, in turn, lasted much longer than it may have. The shortage of crops devastated the country. Farmers kept on trying to plant crops, but because of the drought and accompanying dust they failed to grow. Much needed food was then unavailable for the people living on the plains and the other people in the country that it had provided for before. The dust became so thick on top of the land, that the soil became ruined and made it almost impossible for crops to grow successfully. (Vogeler, p.1) The dust became a part of everyone’s daily lives. It was in the air, and the wind blew it around during the day and through the night. At times, it would blacken the sky. Homes that were well sealed would still fill up with dust, and those that were poorly Global Sorghum Market Report Just Published by Credence Research Inc. were filled much worse. Furniture and floors were covered in the wretched, dirty, dryness. (Vogeler, p.1) Billie Jo experienced a lot of these horrors. She was alone in the world since her mother and baby brother died. Her father was preoccupied, worrisome and depressed. Billie Jo felt that if she would just get out of the dust that everything would be all better. When she finally decided to escape, it was only for a short time. Say No to Oh, the Places Youll Go! came across a man that made her change her mind, turn around and face the dust. The man in the boxcar was .

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