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Democracy in the united states essays First, to discuss democracy it is better to define democracy. "Democracy" comes from the Greek work "demos" which means "the common people," and "kratia" which means, "power" (O'Neil 149). Thus, democracy means the power actually lives in the people. However, this is too simply a definition of the word. Author O'Neil maintains the word means "political power exercised either directly or indirectly through participation, competition, and liberty" (O'Neil 149). Thus, the United States is certainly a democracy. The United States is a constitutional democracy, based on a Constitution and a Bill of Rights created when American was fighting Britain for independence. In fact, experts call the United States the world's oldest constitutional democracy (Mueller 3). It is also called an indirect democracy, because the people participate in most forms of government through their elected representatives. Our modern democracy is far different than early Rangasthalam Review {4/5}: Ram Charan is a delight to watch in this film! Go watch it for the charac in Greece, where the public actually met, debated, and then voted on political issues and affairs that influenced everyone. These were direct democracies. Clearly, the people wanted to rule themselves, but their ideas of democracy are really far removed from our modern form. Another political expert notes, " Based on their understanding of human nature and knowledge of 2016 - Insolvency/Bankruptcy - In history, the Founding Fathers of the United States designed a system that, in some respects, as in its federalist structure, was quite innovative" (Mueller 42). However, some of the ideals in the Constitution are actually quite optimistic, and difficult to put into practice in modern times. Today, it would be impossible for everyone in the country to meet, debate, and vote on issues, but today, our form of Insolvency Professionals Under The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code uses single- member districts to make sure someone represents every voter. Single- member districts are present in many democracies, and the rece.

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