70+ Student Leaders Call On Congress to Renew Open Textbook Pilot

Thursday, August 02, 2018 3:38:13 PM

Seagulls choke and die essays Seagulls Choke and Die Today there exist many solutions and all kinds of preventions to every single kind of pollution. In the United States Breyer Ruling, And Dynamic IP Addresses As Personal Data - Data Protection - European Union, a major effort against pollution of air began with a Clean Air Act in 1970 (ametsoc.org). The act required that air could contain only a limited amount of pollutants like Relocate Global weekly news roundup: 27 September | David Sapsted monoxide, lead, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, and many more harmful toxins. This act sets deadlines that companies must for air pollution control. The Environmental Protection Agency is in charge of enforcing those standards, but all the work of fighting pollution is up to state governments and air pollution control districts. Some areas have taken the initiative to exceed the standards of the Clean Air Act, and thus produce cleaner air. So how can we clean up the air? The answer is simple, pollution control and government assistance. Pollution can never be eliminated, only reduced. There are mainly two ways that pollution can be reduced. The EPA controls pollution with two methods, the first being what is called the End of the Pipe technique. This includes devices that will capture pollutants Relocate Global weekly news roundup: 27 September | David Sapsted, and limit the amount of toxins produced from such things as cars, and factories (ametsoc.org). There are many different types of these devices. They include the catalytic converter in automobiles, which captures unburned carbons instead of releasing them into the atmosphere as carbon monoxide. Also, there exist numerous kinds of filters in industrial plants. When these devices were first introduced they reduced pollution at a fairly reasonable cost. However, as our air pollution standards from the EPA become stricter, it becomes more expensive to keep the air clean. Many factories are going bankrupt in today’s economy. It is a Relocate Global weekly news roundup: 27 September | David Sapsted difficult task to set aside large amounts of money to control a factory’s pollution. Even if a company is well off financially the End of the Pipe controls can’t rid the air .

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