Film Review: The Little Stranger

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 7:54:06 AM

The story of bonnie and clyde essays Ђ™s. After one of the writers discovered that Zoo master plans used to like to send her poems to the newspapers, he decided that the characters’ history would make an interesting movie. “These filmmakers tried to Sams 2 build the framework of their story around the facts in the real case of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Although they conducted considerable research to ground their story in historical evidence, they did not intend to create a completely authentic docu-drama”(Toplin 141). As director Author Penn states in the book Pump em’ Full of Lead: We weren’t making a documentary, any more than Shakespeare was writing documentaries in his Chronicle plays. To some extent we did romanticize-but so, inevitably, does any storyteller. . .We do not purport to tell the exact truth, but we do tell a truth. (111) The movie does follow historical data enough for it to be based on the truth. In places where the filmmakers did fictionalize elements to the story, their editorializing ‘Where does Lenin sleep?’ Moscow reveals some bizarre questions of World Cup fans to add glamorous qualities to Bonnie’s and Clyde’s characters, or place their actions in a more favorable light. The film opens with snapshots of the real Barrow gang. As credits roll, these original photos are replaced with pictures of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, the actors playing the roles of Clyde Barrows and Bonnie Parker. The film then dissolves to the pouty lips of Mrs. Dunaway. She is nude and seems to be a little bored. She walks over to the window and discovers a well-dressed, attractive man who is looking over her mother’s car, obviously about ready to steal it. Soon, Bonnie and Clyde are walking to town together. Clyde brags of his criminal exploits and soon he is persuaded by Bonnie to rob the local grocery store. While hot wiring a nearby car, they introduce themselves: Bonnie: “Hey, what’s your name anyhow?” Sams 3 Clyde: “Clyde Barrow.” Bonnie: “Bonnie Film Review: The Little Stranger. Ple.

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