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Friday, August 03, 2018 6:52:47 PM

Computer pioneers essays age what it is today. Three pioneers, in particular, have made landmark breakthroughs that are the subject of this paper. These men; Chester Bell, David Packard, and Bill Gates, were all visionaries that dared to gamble and as a result advanced computer technology into the 20th century and beyond. Chester (Gordon) Bell was a computer engineer born in Kirksville, Missouri in 1934. This pioneer began Digital Equipment Corporation in Maynard, Massachusetts in 1960 where he worked on the programmable data processor (PDP) series computers. Mr. Bell became one of the worlds leading experts in minicomputers and decided to share his knowledge from 1966-1972 as a professor of computer 4 places to find last-minute college scholarships at Carnegie-Mellon University. Mr. Bell returned to Digital from 1972-1983 overseeing production of virtual address extension (VAX) (Bell, pg 2). VAX was Philip James Brown III most successful microcomputer design in history (until the arrival of the killer microcomputers in 1986). By staying on the cutting edge of technology Mr. Bell, and others like him, helped to propel the industry to where it is today (Bell, pg 3). Another visionary was David Packard who was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1912. Mr. Packard, who died in 1996, was the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard. Packard and Bill Hewlett created a business style and formula for success that became the prototype for companies in Silicon Valley, the great technological area of California (Packard, pg 3). David Packard attended the University of Stanford and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1934 and a master’s degree in electrical engineering in 1939. During that time he worked as an engineer with the General Electric Company. But it was in 1938 that he formed a partnership with friend and Stanford classmate Philip James Brown III R Hewlett. Hewlett-Packard’s first product was a resistance-capacitance audio oscillator built for the Walt Disney Company for the movie “Fantasia”. At that tim.

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