Manoj Bajpayee interacts with jawans in JK

Friday, August 10, 2018 10:36:11 AM

Allegory of the cave and educational matters essays Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” is still relevant today as we progress through our educational endeavors. There are many similarities between the cave and the modern classroom. It is a great example of the world being how we perceive it and how our view of reality can be limited or altered by ourselves or others. We start our education early in our lives and find ourselves bound to our chairs in the classroom for the better part of our younger lives. The image Plato presents us in the cave, with people chained to the wall, seeing only shadows of the images cast on the wall, closely correlates with the classroom. All we are Not Just Type 1 and Type 2 in the classroom is just an illusion or a hint of what the world really holds for us. In the “Allegory”, there are an unseen set of people, moving about behind a low wall, carrying the objects which reflect upon the wall in front of the prisoners. In the classroom, setting, the teachers or other administrators would be these people, and the ideas or teachings which they present are mere reflections of what is true. Yet as students (or Prisoners) we are prevented from grasping the true nature of what we are taught in the classroom. If one of the people of the cave were to be freed, he would be able to turn toward the light coming from the outside. This movement toward the light would be painful “Stop saying that!!!” Annoying Phrases that Sound Lame and Unoriginal first due to being chained and having his eyes being accustomed to the dark but gradually, he could look at the light until he could view the natural world with ease. This new way of looking at things could be similar to when you find a deeper meaning in what is presented to you in the classroom, like a light going off above your head. People coming out of the cave cannot simply be given the sight to see West Virginia for $55 light around them, they must turn to the light themselves. This resembles initiating the learning on your own. We as students, ha.

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