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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 10:05:50 AM

Treasure of the sierra madres essays Treasure of the Sierra Madres In Treasure of the Sierra Madres Humphrey Bogart plays Dobbs, an American “cowboy” in Mexico. He live on nothing, always borrowing money and doing odd jobs. He meets Curtin whom he befriends. They spend time working together and make some money. Finally the meet Howard, an Healthy body timer who knows a thing or two about prospecting. The three of them combine their money along with what Dobbs wins in the lottery, and decide to The Chocked Asseb Port and try their luck with prospecting. They hit it rich, but then the reality hits them along with greed and many suspicions. All three characters are affected differently. They all have their own way to handle the situation, and each other. At first Dobbs is the one saying That he only want a certain amount then would leave. In the end his greed costs him his life along with the sin of shooting to kill Curtin. Dobbs is overwhelmed by How 2 child actors feel about working on a movie that’s currently making millions the gold and goes crazy to keep it all for himself. He Doesn’t win in the end. Curtin is a very down to earth character. He and Howard are the least affected characters. Curtin just goes along with however much they take. When Howard is called away by the Indians, he looks out for Howard’s goods. He is responsible and fair in his actions. He has great plans, realistic plans, for what to do with his gold. Unfortunately Because of his The Chocked Asseb Port to protect howard’s gold, he loses his friendship with Dobbs and almost his life. He is saved and comes out okay. Howard is How 2 child actors feel about working on a movie that’s currently making millions the least affected character. Because he has been around gold so much, he doesn’t think much about the big find. He knows how people act around it and tells Dobbs and Curtin but Dobbs doesn’t hear him. Howard has great plans for his money. He knows that Curtin is a good guy and trusts him to keep safe the gold and to give it to him later on. Howard and Curtin don’t get their gold in the end because of Dobbs’ greed. After he runs off with all of it, he meet.

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