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Serian synogoges essays Syrian Synagogues Architecture plays a very important role in a culture, and from its remains, historians can gain a wealth of information. It determines the wealth of the community, the weather conditions and many other things. Not only can historians learn what it was like in that area at that time, but also they can learn from it to improve our area now. For example, the Romans built curved roads and sewers to prevent flooding and currently we also build our roads similarly. Another example can be the columns the Greeks used to build; now the White house and many other buildings are built in a Greek style. In fact, the entire Washington D.C. is built just like Paris; it is built in a circle around the White How to open Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Apple Keynote on a Mac, as Paris is built around the Eiffel Tower. Architecture and the arts have such power over people that Jews are thought to have horns because of a misinterpretation How to open Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Apple Keynote on a Mac Leonardo Divenchi, who portrayed Moses with horns. Now we’ll take a look at architecture from a religious point of view. During the late Fifteenth century, refugees from Spain escaped to Muslim countries, mainly the Ottoman Jackie Bradley, Jr.’s slide kicked off an 8-run inning for the Red Sox. With them they brought the Sephardic traditions and culture and it quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean region. The Sephardic tradition eventually dominated the Syrian synagogue design and its architecture. Today, this beautiful architecture still remains in the Syrian community in Brooklyn. During the Ottoman period, the basilica form was popular. The Syrian synagogue usually had a wide central aisle and two side aisles. Arcades supported by columns separate it. Different parts of the room would be elevated, especially the tevah for illumination purposes. Many of the synagogues of Syria were very decorative; even the mandatory utensils of the synagogue, such as the “lightbox,” which was used to give off light to read the torah, would be very fancy. The Syrians would set u.

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