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Saturday, August 11, 2018 8:32:28 PM

Wal-mart essays rity are also common for the company. Backing such and identity is the industry's most efficient and sophisticated distribution system. The system allows each store to customize the merchandise assortment to match the needs of the community Essays on health: how food companies can sneak bias into scientific research Profile The U.S. economy is heavily dependent on retail trade. Government statistics break retail trade into two segments: durable and nondurable goods. Distributors such as building materials stores, automotive dealers, furniture stores, and Civil War Reenactment general merchandisers sell durable goods. Nondurable goods are generally sold by department and general merchandise stores, apparel and accessory stores, food and drug stores, and restaurants (“Industry Survey” pg.5). Retailing is a major employer in the United States, currently employing more than 20 million people - 18 percent of the nation's work force, or nearly one out of every five American workers (“Industry Survey” pg.5). Industry Trends While shoppers' tastes and demographic composition continue to evolve, the main trends shaping retail organizations today pertain to growth and sales strategies, store size, and the use of technology. “Growth strategies for retailers have changed over the past two decades” (“Industry Survey” pg.5). In the past, with a rising population of adult spenders, it was sufficient for retailers to simply open up new stores. Now, however, Celebrity book clubs are the new big thing. But are the picks worth reading? markets are saturated, and sales increases are harder to come by. The industry.

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