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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 11:41:03 AM

The role of sound in film essays Multimedia Assignment one This assignment is divided into two parts. The first is to the role of music, sound effects and folio in three different pieces of film. These examples can be taken from movies, television programmes or advertising. I have decided to choose the following three examples: „h The Shining „h The Terminator „h Uncle Buck As you will see, I have Science Project Resources each piece because of a particular role the music has played. The Shining First let me give you some background on Stanley KubrickВЎВ¦s horror classic from 1977. Tim Dirks defines it as ВЎВ§a beautiful, stylish work which distanced itself from the blood-letting and gore of most modern films in the horror genreВЎВЁ. The plot is this: The Overlook hotel is situated in a place that suffers immensely during the winter months, and therefore Film review: Lizzie opens for seven months each year. Because of this, when it is closed, someone must stay there to maintain it, and do things like run the boiler to heat several parts of the building and doing repairs so that ВЎВ§the elements canВЎВ¦t get a footholdВЎВЁ. Jack Torrance, an out of work teacher trying to get back into writing novels, takes on the job and he and his family move up there for the winter. Before they go, Jack is informed at the interview that the last caretaker they had, suffered from a kind of ВЎВ§cabin feverВЎВЁ and murdered his entire family with an axe. But he assures his employers that that will not happen to him. Jack has already begun his decent into madness about half way through the film, and the scene I have chosen is thus: Wendy (JackВЎВ¦s wife) is walking through the huge hallways of the hotel and comes in to the room where Jack has been doing his writing all this time. She has Film review: Lizzie been told not to read any of the manuscript that Jack (who is not there at the moment) has been working on but she comes over to the typewriter and looks down at the page to find the words ВЎВ.

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