HIV/AIDS Legacy Omnipresent at First-Ever Tick Borne Disease Working Group Meeting

Sunday, August 12, 2018 6:14:22 PM

My eassy i couldnot write Europes identity crisis plays out Eassy I could not Right I want to be a wrighter, I want to succsed in my school work, and I want to learn. This is why we go to school. To be are self, to be unlike no other and say what we belive is what we are tought. In my sixth period class I was asked to write and eassy. An eassy about making people see what Should you get a new Social Security number? belive and why they sould also belive in it. In most classrooms In Warsaws local election would call this a persuasive eassy. First, I had to pick a topic. This is norrmal the easy part for most people, but for me it is the hardest. Why? Well I want my eassy to mean something. It shouldn't be just like the rest of the eassys. I though about it and came up with a few topics. The one I liked the best was, Should gay and lesbians be able to get marred? I pick this topic because I fealt strongly about. So I began to write. Next, I asked my teracher if she would read over it and correct it. As she read it I watched her. I saw the faceial expressions on her face. She look like she was confused and not happy with what I had to say. When she was done i asked what she though. She just looked at me then took a deep breath. What she said was that she though it was inapproiate, and I need to pick another topic. I didn't understand, so I asked why. The only answer she gave was that I was to young to know about gay and lesbian people. Then she went on about how when she was a my age she didn't even know the meaning of the words. Then I went home and began to think. What can I wright about. i could not ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** lizzie: born in new york, then moved to canada for school, and now a writter. I love to write. .

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