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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 4:19:08 PM

Greatest ThinkTV: Broadcasters want standardised portal to make TV easier to trade strength essays I believe Hester Pyrnne is the strongest character in the novel The Scarlet Letter. She shows her great strength during many different situations in the novel. If she were like Roger Chillingworth, she would not have made it through. Without the mental agility Charter school officials outline campus mission to emphasize language the ability to repress her Poor childrens life chances are decided in primary school, she would have broken down to a billion pieces. Hester truly is someone who we should look up to and admire for the amount of mental and spiritual strength she exerts. Hester shows a lot of pride in nearly everything that she does and she has a great amount of confidence that everyone can just sense once she walks into a room. She does not show fear in the actions she commits. Hester even has the strength to withstand the public humiliation she has been through. Another reason I think she is the stronger person is her ability to be sane after having her only child in prison. Also having to think of how her child was the result of her infidelity shows her great resistance towards being a coward. She reveals her strength when she says to Chillingworth, “I will keep thy secret as I have his.” This shows that she can keep many things hidden and to her, which most people cannot withstand doing for a mere hour. Her strength and pride and confidence are also shown through her self-embroidered scarlet letter “A.” All these examples show her powerful traits and tell us she is the stronger character yet. .

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