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Reaction to siddhartha essays Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, is the story of the life journey of the main character, Siddhartha, after which the book is named. Throughout the novel, Siddhartha questions many aspects of life including wisdom, Something Is Rotten in the State of Lucis: On “Final Fantasy XV”, and happiness, which causes the reader to reevaluate life as well. At the beginning of the book, Siddhartha begins to question the Brahmin faith. He feels, however, he is better off looking within himself for answers to his questions, rather than looking to others for help. I can relate to Siddhartha in this respect because when I am going through a difficult time in my life, I like to go through it on my own. I have found I learn more about myself this way. Siddhartha is trying to reach inner peace. He feels that knowledge is something that he needs to do this, but knowledge does not always lead to peace. There have been times in my life when I wanted to find out the truth about something, and upon finding out the truth, I wondered if I were better off not knowing it. Siddhartha comes to the realization that he does not desire knowledge, he desires wisdom, and wisdom only comes when you are ready to receive it. By the end of his spiritual journey, Siddhartha matures and achieves wisdom. During his journey, Siddhartha meets Kamala and falls in love. "Beneath heaped-up black hair he saw a bright, very sweet, very clever face, a bright red mouth like a freshly Comitronic – bti fig, artful eyebrows painted in a high arch, dark eyes, clever and observant, and a clear slender neck above her green and gold gown." She represents all that is beautiful in the world. She promises to teach him the art of love. The only part of his life that Siddhartha feels truly involved in is the time he spends with Kamala. It is easy be consumed by love. I was in a relationship where I felt like Siddhartha. Throughout the entire relationship, nothing else Comitronic – bti to matter to me. I began to lose sight of everything else, just as Sidd.

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