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Character - s development; analysis: “Stepmom” Film Plot and Main Character Description. Stepmom is a comedy drama whose plot centers on a divorced couple that make efforts to assist their two children to cope and remain positive despite the new development. Chris Columbus directed the film that made its debut in 1998. Jackie (Susan Sarandon) and Luke Harrison (Ed Harris) act as the divorced couple, while Anna (Jena Malone) and Ben (Liam Aiken) act as the children. Isabel Kelly (Julia Roberts) acts as the newly found girlfriend to Luke, though he appears several years younger. Luke is a practicing attorney while Isabel works as a career photographer for a fashion advertising company (0:05:41). Throughout the film, Luke has moved in to live with Isabel, while the children switch stay at Jackie and Isabel’s residents (0:03:06). Jackie devotes her time at home as a mum, though she had worked as a publisher. At first, Jackie expresses her disapproval over Isabel’s replacement as the children’s stepmother and at times rallies them (the children) against her (Isabel). Jackie takes numerous advantages to confront Luke over his affair with Isabel and her (Isabel) inability to keep check and control the children when under her custodianship. Initially, Isabel struggles to demonstrate motherly overtures to the children, which Anna repeatedly resists. The crafty behavior of Ben The World at His Feet situations complicated for Luke and Isabel (0:01:51). With unresolved differences persisting, Jackie and Luke agree to face the children and inform them about his intentions to propose to Isabel. At this point, Jackie takes a central role, particularly in defusing the tensions gripping the children. Jackie mediates the transition to the stepmother-hood, while allowing Isabel to win favor with children. Both (Jackie and Isabel) open up to each other as Jackie reveals the terminal stage of her cancer diagnosis. Jackie seizes the opportunity Learn how to write a classic love letter Christmas time to prepare the family for the worst, particularly the children. Later that day, during a family photo session, Isabel appears comfortable with taking photos of the rest at the Jackie’s place. At the end, Isabel adjusts the camcorder and joins the rest for a family photo in a show acceptance to Jackie’s invitation. Jackie and Isabel sit side by side. Development Stages in Middle Adulthood. According to Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, early adulthood involves intimacy versus isolation. This occurs within the 18 to 40 year period. Career consolidation is also a The World at His Feet during this period. Erikson characterizes the psychosocial development occurring in the period between 40 and 65 years as generativity versus stagnation (Potter, John, Gosling, & Srivastava, 2003). Greater fulfillment, more authority, as well as greater financial stability characterizes life in the middle adulthood compared to other developmental stages. These adults may provide care and assistance as part of their extended responsibilities on the younger age groups or the elderly and aging. The younger generation mainly features those unable to persist on their own, while the elderly are the parents experiencing decline. Evidently, males and females experience different physical and psychosocial changes during the middle adulthood period. Nonetheless, there is convergence, particularly within the change in thinking for both genders with an actual belief in mortality tied to the recognition of the contraction of potential for prospects. The actual belief in mortality is driven by the bodily feeling; going through a major illness ordeal or demise of a parent. The acceptance to resign Learn how to write a classic love letter hopes and dreams defines the reality of contraction of potential prospects and opportunities (Dannefer, 1984). The contraction of possibilities may not result in stress but view it as a form of relief. Persons experiencing stress related to these middle adulthood changes undergo a mid-life crisis. Those keen on mortality are stuck in the mindset that much time has passed by than remains, start to internalize feelings of physical decline, as well as develop stress since they perceive that they are not where they to be wanted in life. This mounting stress may lead to real grief or despair. These individuals make sudden daring life changes, seek for youth, develop new relationships, as well as switch within careers to gain advantage and work out ways to achieve where ones wants to be in life. Critics of mid-life crisis insist on the degree of restlessness commonly affecting particular individuals than just a general change sweeping across the society. In addition, self-reflection may likely trigger a mid-life crisis, which may not result in any change in personality. During the middle life, married couples experience a shift of roles commonly referred to as the crossover that test marriage (Sokol, 2009). Initially, women become preoccupied with intimacy, males concentrate on personal pursuits such as career engagements. In due course, married couples experience a reversal of roles with women putting emphasis on individual goals including career and work, while men develop a sense of intimacy (An & Cooney, 2006). The essence of intimacy is to have strong friendships and realize the desire of love and companionship. Companionship means to have a common identity with the other person. In the absence of friendships or strong relationships, individuals may experience isolation or loneliness. Middle adulthood is the period with the second highest frequency of divorces after the first seven years of marriage. Issues of infidelity contribute mostly to the frequency of divorces constituting two-thirds among men and a quarter among the women. Nonetheless, in midlife more men revert to remarriage. The Way the Main Character (Jackie Harrison) Overcomes Development Stage Problems Faced. This is a parenting style considered as socially competent, responsible, and individually reliant. Jackie takes the lead role in ensuring that their children gain proper development of identity as well as promote participation in family decision-making. This demonstrates Jackie’s cognitive attributes on the knowledge to execute her parenting roles effectively. Jackie comes to the rescue in both occasions where Anna repeatedly vents her dissatisfaction to Luke’s proposal to remarry Isabel and on the fact that the parents had delayed to inform them on the ailing condition of Jackie (0:46:04). In her role as an authoritative parent, Jackie allows and engages Anna to express her opinions. This behavior is in line with the Jean Piaget’s stages of cognitive development. It explains that children think differently from adults but they are not less intelligent (Blake & Pope, 2008). On various occasions, Jackie clashes with soon to be stepmother, Isabel, over her indifferent approach to parenting. This is revealed when Ben disappears under Isabel’s custody. Jackie ceases the opportunity to claim that she had never lost Ben before, though she retracts later. Isabel treats the cautionary approach to parenting by Jackie with contempt. Luke comes to the rescue of Isabel and pleads with Jackie to give her another chance (0:29:44; 0:32:07). During the period when Jackie bonds with Isabel, Isabel emotionally expresses her high regard to Jackie’s maternal abilities. Though divorced Luke and Jackie believed that her duties as a parent and that the children are a shared responsibility. She maintains an open door policy for consultation with Luke and allows Isabel to play a part in the parenting role. All this Inside Tesla CEO Elon Musks Fraud Charges by the SEC: Texts, Emails, and Other Evidence amidst the worsening condition of her cancer. Much as the ailing status puts Jackie in a condition of negative emotions on a possible premature death, thus lose the opportunity to be there when the children grow up, she maintains restraint and constantly reassures her children (0:53:13). This fits within Erikson’s generativity against stagnation as Jackie demonstrates the strong will and proactive participation in the desirable parenting of the younger generation. Connecting the Lab Bench: IoTs Role in Addressing the Reproducibility Crisis conscience on optimism of humanity (an agent of generativity) becomes evident during Christmas time when she individually tells her two children that after (her) death, their LINE announces plans for LINE token economy and launch of 5 dApps will persist longer if they do not forget her. Acceptance to Change. What begins as a shaky truce between Jackie and Isabel eventually matures to their bonding as Isabel actively increases presence as a surrogate mother. Although this behavior displays acceptance, it also substantially shows the ability of Jackie to sustain intimacy with Isabel and Luke amidst the complication of a broken family. Jackie redefines her identity to accommodate Luke and Isabel’s values and interests in realization of the emerging changes. This enables her to overcome negative outcome such as loneliness and self-absorption. During bonding with Isabel, Jackie confesses that her greatest fear is the children forgetting her (1:42:25). Jackie further concedes to the fact that she may take the credit for past parenting, but Isabel will have a greater say in the future of the children. Prioritizing Medical Treatment. Unlike other women who undergo physical development at their adulthood by putting on more weight around the thighs and hips, Jackie maintains an average weight balance throughout her body (0:52:18). Her face is free of wrinkles an indication that aging has not set. Nevertheless, she has had to leave her publishing for a full time home status, ‘Alexa, give me a cookie!’ Are digital assistants ruining my son? is against the expectations of most women preoccupied with their career Learn how to write a classic love letter. This different development in Jackie’s adult life is attributable to her worsening lymphoma condition, which requires repeated chemotherapy treatments and maintaining strict physiological and physical conditions (0:39:16). The consultation with Dr. Stewart to travel to Los Angeles for further treatment amid the terminal state of lymphoma exhibits Jackie’s unwavering determination to recover. She never contemplates committing suicide or engaging in other self destructive acts amid Dr. Stewart’s repeated indication of slim chances of recovering (Jennifer & Schulenberg, 2005). Throughout, Jackie personalizes her medical condition reducing the bother for dependency on close relatives for emotional support. She does not attract any care giving and continues to attend her daily activities and maintain social contact. Physical illness and mortality are the lead risk factors for adult depression that manifest in the sense of loss of individual control. Stepmom film addresses adults, married, or divorced and at the age of over 30 years in overcoming problems that arise within the developmental stages. The main character, Jackie Harrison, demonstrates the ability to face her problems. An, J., & Cooney, T. (2006). Psychological well-being in mid to late life: The role of generativity development and parent–child relationships across the lifespan. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 30 (5), 410–421. Blake, B., & Pope, T. (2008). Developmental Psychology: Incorporating Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s Theories in Classrooms. Journal of Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives in Education, 1(1), 59 – 67. Dannefer, D. (1984). Adult Development And Social Theory: A Paradigmatic Reappraisal. American Sociological Review49(1), 100-116. Maggs, J., & Schulenberg, J., (2005). Trajectories of Alcohol Use during the Transition to Adulthood. Alcohol Research & Health, 28 (4), 195-201. Sokol, J. (2009). Identity Development Throughout the Lifetime: An Examination of Eriksonian Theory. Graduate Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1 (2), 139-148. Srivastava, S., John, O., Gosling, S., & Potter, J. (2003). Development of Personality in Early and Middle Adulthood: Set Like Plaster or Persistent Change? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology84 (5), 1041–1053. Submitting high quality Essays,Research Papers, Term Papersis the only way students can score high grades( A’s). Students ought to hire professional Writing Service providers who can deliver high quality work within the allocated time. Click to ORDER NOW.

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