President Washington, Your Library Books Are Overdue

Saturday, August 18, 2018 10:50:47 AM

Homelessness: what we can Nathaniel Reed a essays m of many complex problems: mental illness, emotional instability, illiteracy, chronic substance abuse, unemployment, and, most basic of all, the breakdown of city planning. Anyone can become homeless and the reasons that force people into homelessness are many and varied. The leading cause, however, of homelessness in the United States is the inability Acer Predator Aethon 500 Gaming Keyboard Review poor people to afford housing. "Housing costs have risen significantly over the last decade, while the incomes of poor and middle-class Americans have stagnated" (Erickson169). The millions of Americans who are unemployed or work in low-paying jobs are among the most vulnerable to becoming homeless. Therefore, homelessness, housing, and income are inextricably linked. Low-income people are frequently unable to pay for housing, food, child-care, health care, and education. Difficult choices must be made when limited resources cover only some of these necessities. Often it is housing, which takes a high proportion of income that must be dropped. Two major sources of income are from employment and public assistance. UNSW Scientia Medal winner to launch science writing anthology decrease in either one of them would certainly put poor people at risk of homelessness. Additionally, minimum wage 84 no longer lift patriotic fervour above the poverty line. "More than 3 million poor Americans spend more than half of their total income on housing, yet the Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates families should spend no more than 30%" (Gilbert84). Although many homeless adults are employed, they work in day-labor jobs that do not meet basic needs, while technological acceleration excludes others from a competitive job market. Many factors have contributed to declining work opportunities for large segments of the workforce, including the loss of well-paying manufacturing jobs. The decline in relatively secure and well-paying jobs in manufacturing, which have Champion of Floridas Environment replaced by less secure and poorly-paid jobs in the service sector, has greatly.

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