ВЂ˜The Lost Letters of William Woolf’ by Helen Cullen: A romantic adventure

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Stress on police officers essays Police Issue The issue that I have chosen is stress on police officers. Every officer during their career in law enforcement has to deal with stress. Most of the time, stress in police work is caused by frustration they may develop during an investigation, paperwork they have to fill out which takes a lot of time and the danger that is associated How Jake Gyllenhaal Inadvertently Helped Make Barry Jenkins If Beale Street Can Talk Happen this profession. Stress can cause police officers to develop mental problems and also be life threatening. The three key indexes which relate to stress are suicide, divorce, and alcoholism. All three relate to the stress which police officers endure. Hans Selye, one of the primary researchers on stress said that police work is "the most stressful occupation in America." Several studies over the years have shown that the foremost reason that led officers to commit suicide was marital discord. The reason for the marital discord is some officers have to switch shifts every month and this leaves no time for his or her family. Also it is a fact that almost all officers are intoxicated during the time they commit suicide. This proves that the three indexes of stress are interconnected for police officers. The importance of these facts must be recognized and studied to provide adequate policies and programs to decrease stress in all areas of police work. Police stress is not always observable. Officers Trends and Forecast 2026 to hold back their feelings so they are not seen as being useless at their job. This is not good because officers String Trimmer Head Market Analysis Covering Size are dealing with intense levels of stress need to find help before it is too late. .

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