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Saturday, August 04, 2018 5:44:42 PM

Russia's chechen dilemma essays nomy clambered far behind the army. Politics and leadership in the region has been major basis of concern. Three main figures have control over the Republic. They include, Aslan Maskhadov, Shamil Basayev and a mysterious Islamic fighter known only as Khatab. As President of Chechnya, Aslan Maskhadov did more Writer Rex Sorgatz on Recode Media: transcript any Writer Rex Sorgatz on Recode Media: transcript person in Chechnya to win the 1994-96 war and bring peace. A soft-spoken man, Maskhadov was elected as President in 1997, however his weakness was illustrated by a series of high-profile kidnappings in 1998 and 1999. Some of which included foreign aid workers, journalists and politicians. He has been unable to prevent Chechen warlords from launching raids into neighboring territory or curb the cycle of violence. His stance towards Islam is relatively conservative and his popularity among the people is primarily due to his ability to give them a life without war. Shamil Basayev is more radical than the Chechen President and enjoys the terrifying image he has in Russia. “Russia is the last empire: it is built on blood. They don’t even have the most elementary ability to correct that. So the fact that they don’t recognize us is of absolutely no concern to us.”2 Basayev was born in the small mountain vi.

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