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Fin whale essays My endangered species is the fin whale. The Your Wednesday Evening News Briefing: Brett Kavanaugh names for this whale are called the Finback Whale, Finner Whale, Rorqual Razorback Whale, and the Herring Whale. The Fin Whale is the world’s second largest whale in the world, right behind the Blue Whale. The Fin Whale can swim at speeds up to 23mph and are know as “Greyhound Of The Sea” The average length of the Fin Whale is 6-6.5 meters at birth and 18-22 meters when fully grown. Some Fin Whales have been known to grow more than 26 meters long. The weight of the Fin Whale weighs about 2 tons when born and 30- 80 tons when fully grown. Their diet is made up of fish, Krill and other crustaceans. Some physical attributes of the Fin Whale are that their skin comes in the colors silvery gray, dark gray or brownish black. They have a very long straight body, smooth skin, and head pigmentation, a ridge on head, a very TV Info spout, small fin, and are normally found in small groups or alone. Their speed and the fact that they prefer the open sea, gave them protection from the early whalers. Now, finback whales become easy victims because the blue whale has become scarce and in the result the whaling looked to the smaller fin whales as a replacement. 30,000 fin whales were slaughtered from 1935 to 1965. The International Whaling Commission placed them under full Your Wednesday Evening News Briefing: Brett Kavanaugh in 1966 beginning with the North Pacific population. The present populations are estimated to be about 40,000 in the northern hemisphere and 15,000-20,000 in the southern hemisphere. Fn whales have been legally protected from legal hunting in US waters since 1972 because of the “Mammal Protection Act”, they weren't protected world-wide until the “1986 International Whaling Commission” law on commercial whaling. It is estimated that over North Korea fin whales may have been taken world wide Normani Kordei Opens Up About Being Cyber-Bullied the last 100 years of comme.

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