A Pioneering Thai Artist in America

Friday, August 17, 2018 3:17:55 PM

Judgement play essays Antigone Judgment Play Human beings by nature judge both themselves and others. Judgment comes through a person’s ego telling them that they can have control over a particular situation. This desire for control promulgates a false sense of responsibility in essentially uncontrollable situations. For example, a human feels a responsibility to the dead. Humans build mental and physical shrines for the dead. They mourn the dead with funerals. Most people practice specified burial rituals to ensure Yosemite happier afterlife for the deceased. These practices are attempts to exert control over a person’s death and a person’s fate Yosemite the Yosemite, eventhough both natural and supernatural forces are guided by specific rules that are absolute and unavoidable. The control, judgment, and sense of responsibility over a dead person’s body is absurd and pretentious. Such is the case in Sophoclese’s play “Antigone.” The play begins with Antigone declaring her ego driven righteousness. She declares that she will abandon the (man made)law that states if a man shall “assault the gods of the city, (he will) be denied burial.”(Barnet, Berman, Burto, Draya p.81) Through the honor and love of her family, Antigone will bury her deceased brother Polynecies who died while attacking her city, Thebes. This action is ego driven to protect her and her families image. The action is also superfluous and pretentious. Antigone feels that her action is favorable to the gods. The problem is that she has been given no direct message from any god stating that her action is in their best interests. Antigone simply assumes that she knows what the gods want, but she has no right to determine what the gods want. Antigone knows this, but her ego forces her to abandon this idea and act in her own families interests. She is therefore A Pioneering Thai Artist in America her own image under the guise of honor. Antigone even overstates her pos! ition of righteousness in front of her sister .

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