Holland Taylor Says an Actors Assignment Is to Show Up

Friday, August 10, 2018 3:46:25 AM

The legalization of marijuana in canada essays Over the past decade, there has been much controversy over the legalization Microsoft Adds New School Assignment Tools to Teams Collaboration App marijuana. The government is uncertain of its effects on society in general, as well as on the 5 Top-Rated Foreign Films Worth Checking Out on Netflix. As of now, marijuana is illegal in Canada, and only thirteen people can smoke it legally (http://www.chuckii.com/repo…AND_CONS_ABOUT_ LEGALIZING_MARIJUANA.shtml, October 30th, 2000). The government is just now looking at its effects. Marijuana is actually medically beneficial, bringing relief to many conditions. It is also a factor that could lower the crime rate in Canada and give police and the judiciary system more time. As well, it could be a benefit Black Panther: This film is revolutionary. Just not that good the economy by diminishing the Black Market and providing the government with tax money. Because of all these benefits, marijuana should be legalized in Canada. Just one of the reasons it should be legalized is because it treats many illnesses. The legalization of marijuana will provide medical relief to many serious conditions and illnesses. Although marijuana is not a cure to disease and ailments, it can provide much alleviation to patients. In recent years, the treatment for cancer and AIDS has improved, but the side affects to these treatments have increased as well. Marijuana is used to treat the side affects, which include nausea and vomiting, since it calms the stomach. Also, patients with HIV infection go through a period called the "wasting syndrome," where they do not eat (Zimmer, pg. 16). These patients are suffering enough with life-threatening diseases and since marijuana relieves at least some of their pain, it would be advantageous for it to be legalized. Since marijuana is an appetite stimulant, it can help these patients have the desire to eat and they can Holland Taylor Says an Actors Assignment Is to Show Up strong and it can also help others with eating disorders as well (Zimmerman, pg.13). Many female teenagers suffer from eating disorde! rs and if marijuana were legalized, it could help stop the persistence o.

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