В» Book Review: Stay Hidden: A Novel by Paul Doiron

Sunday, August 19, 2018 10:12:58 PM

Sport of wrestling essays ly the same (“Wrestling” 12). School wrestling in the United States and Canada combines Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. The mixture of styles is called folk style, which can also be called collegiate wrestling. It is usually referred to as high В» Book Review: Stay Hidden: A Novel by Paul Doiron or college wrestling (Keen, Spiedel and Swartz 197). Collegiate wrestling is a style that most wrestlers prefer, because one can score from any position. The scoring system is demanding. A big key in wrestling is a good stance. In order to have a good stance a wrestler must constantly work on it. There are two basic stances. There is the staggered stance, which is when the wrestler has one foot forward and his other foot back. It is basically used for offense, when one wants to attack an opponent. The other type of stance is the square stance, which the wrestler has both feet lined up shoulder length. This stance is used for defense, when one wrestler wants to block his Evaluating Expos | Opinion shot (16). When the wrestler is in thi.

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