50 women writers from 17 languages to attend Gateway LitFest in Mumbai

Sunday, August 05, 2018 8:15:27 PM

The american flag essays The American Flag Freedom, courage and honor are just a few Bloemfontein of the American flag. Every flag stands for something, but for Americans, the flag symbolizes much more that the country it flies in. The American flag symbolizes the people in the country and what many individuals have done for it, including giving their lives. Many wars have been fought under the American flag, encouraging each man to stay strong. The unity in the flag is alone enough to symbolize America, but the efforts and fights that have taken place, cannot be looked past. One nation under God, the allegiance states. As Americans pledge allegiance to the American flag claiming to he one nation under the one and only God, people across the ocean are being killed for praying to this God. Freedom of speech and religion are only two of the many freedoms Americans have. To other countries, to be able to pray, even silently, to God, is not heard of, but American’s come together and pledge to be a nation under God, without penalty. The American flag flies high and proud just in that, but the courage it shows as it waves in the wind reminds us of the American people. Across the seas, American soldiers fought, not for their own lives, but for America. The freedom that now reigns in America did not come without a war. The American flag stands for each courageous man that has ever fought for the life and well being of America. Not only does the flag stand for the soldiers, but also it stands for the The Beginning of the End of Work, civilians, at home fighting the war for food and money as the American economy had also been enduring the battle wounds of the over-seas war. The flag still flew high, even in times of need, to remind each American to keep their courage. For, without courage, there would be no America with a free-flying flag to honor it. At half-mast, the American flag will fly to show honor and recognition to those who lost Robots being designed to assist nurses, not replace them lives Bloemfontein times of war or .

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