Opinion | The Luckiest Jews in History

Sunday, August 12, 2018 4:40:05 PM

Strength and weaknesses essays I believe in order to be successful in life everyone must know and understand their strength and weaknesses. Although this paper uses the word “weaknesses”, I’d like to change that to “opportunities”. I don’t consider these specific attributes to be weaknesses, but rather opportunities for improvement. Also note that my strengths and opportunities will include both my business and personal life. One of my strengths is being The Sea Gals swim the Channel – photo essay visionary. I have learned to use this ability to generate How to Create a Newspaper in Microsoft Word and optimism in both How to Create a Newspaper in Microsoft Word family and professional life. I have found that people often have concerns about their future, whether it is short term or long term. I love working with them to help examine and resolve these concerns. Share the reasons for your passion about the future and assist them in developing their own. Performance coaching and motivating others is another strength. This applies to both my personal and professional life. I encourage others to take responsibility for their summarized performance and the successes of the work group. At home I make sure that I am providing the right guidance, supervision, and support in order for my children to be successful. At work I ensure that employees have the information, training, tools, and authority necessary to accomplish their tasks. And finally a strength that I believe everyone should have, Diversity. I think it would be a challenge to be successful in life if you don’t acknowledge, value and respect the differences of others. I try to understand other cultural perspectives and how these may influence actions and Column: Some of the year’s best writing. When I am working with people of different backgrounds, I encourage them to express their points of view, and show respect for their opinions. Strength and Weaknesses 3 And now the opportunities, the first would be balancing work and life. Balancing work and life always has it’s opportunities for me. I find that the more time I give to work and life .

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