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Catcher in the rye4 essays The Catcher in the Rye By. J.D. Salinger The setting for the Catcher in the Rye was in New York around the 1950’s. The novel covered about four days from beginning to What Is This Sh. The setting took place in a mental hospital in California where he flashes back to these four days in New York. This was were his family lived and that’s why this was important for the setting. There was one main character in this book and his name was Holden Caulfield. He was very smart and he was always thinking about something. He wanted people not to be phony but this never happened the way he wanted it. He never changed his thinking about people but in the end he did miss them. I liked all the characters except Holden because he always had too many thoughts. I did like his sister because she was always nice to him and forgiving. The most important conflict in the novel was when he was going to say good bye to his sister at the end of the book. The most exciting part What Is This Sh when he went back home Moses Farrow Writes Essay Defending Woody Allen and Accusing Mia Farrow of Abuse and Brainwashing visit her. The plot of Catcher in the Rye began with Holden being expelled from school. He left school and took a train to New York. While he was there, he went to parks, museums and bars and met an old friend named Sally Hayes and also a former teacher of his. He finally met up with his sister who seemed to be the only person he really cared for and she was able to talk him into going back home with her. The story is told using flash-backs because the entire time he is talking to his psychiatrist in a hospital. The point of view is first person. Because of this, you only see Holden’s view of the events and how he perceives people. The impact of the story would change if you had other characters reactions to what Holden was saying and doing. Holden Caulfield was disgusted at the way the whole world seemed MP warns of cyber threat to Australian elections to him. He was disgusted a.

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