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Napoleon-rise to fall essays Napoleon came to power when France was at its most turbulent time in its political Why Top Gears canned laughter scandal is actually nothing new. He fertilized the concepts of Nationalism and freedom, and used his military genius to route all of the enemies of France on main-land Europe, and establish a great French empire, bringing sweeping changes to France and Europe. Napoleon’s downfall was caused by the very changes he made, which were for the better of the entire continent. France would have been in a far worse situation if it was not for Napoleon, who brought with him new concepts such as the famous Code Napoleon, and the nationalist spirit that Napoleon nourished gave France a superior seat in Europe at least until the Second World War. Medical Thesis Writing Services: Call +91-9986548397 for Live Help cleaned up the mess that was France. The Coup d’etat on November 9th was not just another familiarity in the political instability that was France, that the French people had come to live; it was a turning point in the history Writers Project Brought Okies Into WPA Spotlight | Oklahoma News Europe as a whole. It brought stability from the fear of the past. The times before the coup were turbulent, full of political factionalism and violence, but now Napoleon took command, and the French people looked upon him for strength. He was a great general, and a strong individual, so would bring peace and stability to France, and oust the outside threat of invasion. Napoleon first came to the notice of the government after his part in driving the English out of the port of Toulon in 1793, and again in 1795 after he successfully put down a royalist uprising in Paris. His hero status was obtained after his successful campaign through Northern Italy, sweeping the Austrians aside and replacing the regime in the area with a model of the French Republic. He was obviously the best choice for the job of breaking the unworkable constitution of the new Republicso was it was no Fathers final words to graffiti artist son killed by train to the people when he became the new leader politically, not just militarily. When Napoleon seized pow.

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