This is why museums matter

Wednesday, August 08, 2018 7:15:54 PM

In the locker room essays When asked what bugs me there are several things that come to mind. There is one thing that comes to mind that bugs me a lot. I know it concerns other girls as well. One thing that I cannot stand is what most people refer to as “locker room talk.” I know this can ruin many girls’ reputations. The gossip that goes on ruins people’s reputations and is not always true. What makes guys think that they can make things up about girls that can hurt them immensely just to advance their reputation? Why do they think that scoring is the only thing that matters concerning girls? Why has our nation become so sexist? Guys go around and say everything they have ever done with a girl details and all. Then they get a pat on the back. Then Extrajudicial killings as crime against humanity someone even suspects that a girl has done something “sexual” with a guy they are labeled as a “slut”. Why is there such a big difference between guys doing things and girls doing things? It takes two people to have Automotive research project to drive progress on lightweight vehicles why is Sundance Film Review: ‘Nancy’ girl labeled a slut The 67 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week: April 30-May 6 the guy is a hero? It just does not seem right. I know that even girls that have done the same thing themselves look down on the girl that everyone is talking about. I have seen it happen myself. One of my friends was talking to me and the conversation just happened to lead to another girl. She had happened to do something with a guy on the basketball team. He then proceeded to tell the whole basketball team every single detail of what went on between the two of them. Maybe my friend felt that she should talk about her because the same thing had happened to her before. She had done something with a guy, he had 2018 big mouth, and the whole school was talking about it. Maybe she just thought it was right, or retaliation or something. It is not just society where guys are looked at different from girls. Most parents are more protective of girls and do not let them do as many things just because of the fact that they are girls. There are many.

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